Are you having trouble getting quick and competitive quotes? Are you not sure where to find trustworthy and skilled professionals? SmartB has created a seamless way to get quotes, chat with service providers and get work done. We are empowering you to find only qualified and accredited tradespeople and businesses who can do the work you need, when you need it. We’re changing the way you do business.

Why you should use SmartB to hire

Get more options

SmartB connects you with lots of businesses in your local area to make finding quotes a lot quicker and easier. You have the freedom to review different service providers and quotes before making a final decision. Find someone who can do any job you have, whether it is a microtask, commercial job or weekly recurring job. Take note of what services you require and find someone with the best skill sets and assets for the work you’ve posted.

You no longer need to scramble about trying to find a service provider near you. No more calling up every business in your area, even the ones without a real website or business page. Now service seekers have higher quality, varied options to hire. We’re taking the stress out of getting work done, by allowing you to take your time to find the best fit for your job.

Get competitive quotes

SmartB gives you written quotes that match industry standards for your state and area. You get all the information up front: what is including in the work, what the work involves, what is being completed or installed and the final price including GST. Unlike other services, we allow you to get an unlimited number of quotes. This makes it easier for you to get a competitive price, understand what’s involved in the job and the quality of the products you are paying for.

No compromise on reliability

Traditionally, lack of communication and tardiness was common. Now, we provide you with a clear timeframe of your service provider’s arrival. SmartB has a map feature that lets you know where your service provider is and when they will arrive. You’ll all the information you need up front – how long the job will take and how many tradies will be at your site.