There are many reasons why you should use SmartB for business. SmartB creates a seamless experience for service providers in place of the traditionally ineffective process of finding work. SmartB empowers tradespeople and other professionals to choose the work they do, while also benefiting from being able to select the jobs and projects relevant to their skills and experience. We’ll change the way you find work by giving you a better way to do business.

Why you should use SmartB for business

SmartB saves you time

Thanks to SmartB, you now have immediate access to a large range of jobs. Putting your business out there and finding new work doesn’t take arduous hours away from you. Aside from a decrease in paperwork and time spent on infrastructure, you can hit the ground running as soon as a job comes up. We instantly connect you with service seekers when and where you want to work. We take care of the pre-checks and screenings, so you can have access to real and verified customers.

You will always have business

Some industries, such as hospitality, receive a seasonal spike in customers and finding consistent work year-round can be a challenge. You might find yourself doing work you aren’t interested in during slow seasons. But with SmartB, that no longer has to be the case. We give you constant access to the type of jobs you want to do. No matter what time of the year it may be, there are always customers seeking your specific services.

Have an urgent workflow

Unlike most other sites, SmartB gives you the opportunity to do urgent work for customers. These are often guaranteed jobs that you can do immediately without worrying about last minute cancellations or waiting around for a response. Customers may also pay extra due to the priority turnaround. Doing urgent work helps you build respect from your customers and your profits will be higher.

Get free marketing

Marketing key to business growth and brand awareness, but it also requires a lot of time. We give you back that precious time by marketing your business for you on SmartB. We remove the need to invest in marketing, advertising and website development. Not only do we list your business in local searches, but we also created a dedicated webpage for your business. This webpage will be optimised to appear higher in search engines, enabling your target customers to find your business easier.