What does a builder do?

A qualified builder normally can do the following tasks:

General building work: This is the main professional tasks that could be deemed as adding rooms, undertaking structural work such as adding walls and so on.  When you are working with qualified builders it is important to ask questions about pricing and permit requests.

Building a new home: This is properly the most exciting but painful experience you will have so choosing the best builder for the job is imperative. Your builder should have the skills and have experience with residential building.  Ask for a portfolio of past builds before you select the builder.

Commercial builders: You will need to select the correct builder who has experience with past builds. They will need to have excellent project management skills.  A big sign is to see whether the building company you select has a team of people under them.

Choosing the right builder

SmartB has a range of builders on hand, however they all have specific specialties:

  1. Make sure the builder that you select has the correct insurance. Although SmartB specialises in making sure all our businesses registered with us are certified with the correct paperwork it is important to make sure you check yourself for your own piece of mind.
  2. Always get different quotes. When you gather, your quotes make sure you ask the right questions such as:
  • How long is this job going to take?
  • What is your policy when costs go over?
  • What other work are you currently working on?
  • What jobs have you done in the past?
  • What is the procedure of payments?

Although SmartB guarantee only the best people for the job with all the correct paperwork in check it is very important to do your own research so take note on the above suggestions.