A professional house cleaner near you will help make your life easier by providing quality house cleaning services. Our experienced and accredited house cleaners will meet your expectations with thorough home cleaning results when you need them. Whether you require a one-off cleaning service, recurring services or the occasional clean, hiring a professional tradesperson to do the job will ensure you get the results you were hoping for. Our house cleaners offer many services, including:

– Regular cleaning

– Deep cleaning

– Moving in/moving out cleaning

– Commercial and residential cleaning

Hiring professional cleaning services may seem like a luxury, but it saves you a lot of time and money as you aren’t required to purchase your own products and equipment. When you hire a tradesperson from SmartB, they will come to your property fully equipped with the best commercial vacuum cleaners and top-quality products. Professional cleaning services will usually have the same cleaner assigned to your home, with your address and keys held confidentially by this cleaner. We know you want to hire a house cleaner you can trust, which is why our cleaners are police checked and must hold either an individual contractor license or a company or partnership license. We want you to receive the best house cleaning service possible without sacrificing your security and peace of mind.

How much do house cleaning services cost?

House cleaning services can generally cost between $30 an hour to $50 an hour. However, the cost of getting your house cleaned comes down to the size of your home, the type of cleaning you want and the amount of cleaning you need. You can expect a higher rate if you own a multiple storey house, as larger properties require more time to clean. As well as this, you need to consider the extent of the house cleaning services you want. You might want specialised services such as pressure washing or window cleaning, or maybe you want just a simple vacuum and mop. Our professionals will provide you a quote for any house cleaning services you need.