What you need to know about hiring your next builder

So, you have decided to do renovations or you have decided to build your next home? There are certain aspects that you need to know about hiring your next builder before you start your build.  Here at SmartB, we have compiled all your need to know information before you get started with your home build or renovations.  So let’s get started..

Building Permits

To make renovations or build a new home you need to obtain a building permit before you get started with your project. This confirms that a surveyor has approved the necessary work you want done.  Normally once you have obtained a permit then you will have a time-frame that the building work needs to be done.  If the time-frame lapses, then you will need to obtain another permit and go through the same process.

It is routine that building surveyors or inspectors will regularly come and check on the work that is been done to make sure the work that has been done meets your permits requirements.  If it doesn’t meet construction requirements outlined in the permit, then you will be unable to continue with your project and you may also get in trouble.  When your building project has finished, your project will be checked by the surveyor again.  It is very important that your qualified builder is open and honest with your surveyor so that miss communication does not affect your finished job.

How much should your builder cost?

This is dependent on the job.  Different factors such as materials and complexity will determine the overall costs of your job.  Normally builders will charge per square meter which can equal up to $2000 if you are using expensive materials.  The most important aspect of the cost of a job is that you set yourself a managed budget and then ask qualified builders different quotes.