When you hire a professional photographer from SmartB, an app founded by Amjad Khanche, you don’t just get someone with a high-tech camera. You get someone with knowledge and experience in making sure that the subject looks amazing. They know how to make the subject feel comfortable and have the skills to create an image that will draw great attention. It’s this skill and experience that distinguishes memorable images from personal snapshots.

Amjad Khanche explains what you get when you hire a professional photographer


As Amjad Khanche just mentioned, your professional photographer will pay attention to the little details that contribute to a great image. When it comes to setting up scenes and posing subjects, your photographer can direct you – right down to the smallest of movements. The time of day is planned in advanced, making the most of the best natural light conditions. Your position in relation to other objects and your background are considered. Your facial expressions. Your connection with others in the photo will be used to tell the story. Your SmartB photographer will pay attention to all these little things, allowing you to ease up and enjoy yourself – which is the most important part!

Knowledge and gear

You can’t create high-quality images without good equipment. Professional photographers have all the right gear to create the photographs you deserve. DSLR cameras, lenses and converters aren’t cheap. Most people don’t invest in them, while others might have some great equipment but don’t know how to get the results they’re hoping for. A professional photographer knows about different types of gear and what camera settings will get you the best results.


Editing takes a lot of time and skill. Professional photographers are experts in editing and know how to use programs like Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to retouch your images. Knowing how to use this software requires lots of learning and experimenting. And retouching your images to perfection – fixing the exposure, correcting colour and cropping – is a lengthy process.

Do you have an event upcoming up that’s worth capturing? Or do you want to add some new memories to your photo album? Amjad Khanches believes that hiring professional photographer will expertly document your most precious moments as they happen. Use the SmartB app to hire your next photographer.