‘Gig economy’ was once a term used to describe highly paid individuals (like IT workers) who would move from project to project, rather than have a steady employment. These days, the term doesn’t cover just freelancers. It includes workers who are offering their services to companies as well as on a self-employed basis. Gig economy is making entrepreneurs and empowering more skilled people to choose their hours of work and free themselves from the corporate shackles.

Gig economy making entrepreneurs of us all

In 2017 alone, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy revealed that about 2.8 million British people did at least some work in the gig economy. There is definitely a growing army of self-employed people becoming a part of the gig economy. This increasing readiness to take up gig economy work is all part of a wider picture. Australia is becoming more and more entrepreneurial, as you can see with the booming startup culture we have here. And recently, there’s been a growing interest in remote working and freelancing. More skilled individuals want to call the shots in their working lives and go beyond the limitations of working for a company.

Working in the gig economy isn’t just a cost effective and tax efficient approach to getting jobs done. Rather, it’s creating a connection between the gig economy and an entrepreneurial Australia. SmartB is enabling tradespeople and other skilled workers to make the leap from being a one-person band to true entrepreneurship. There are opportunities we’re creating extend beyond offering freelancers the chance to find a series of one-off jobs. SmartB establishes a long-term relationship between the service provider and their customer. This gives them the chance to upscale their work and ultimately grow their business.

The first job you do is always the hardest, but from there you can grow a portfolio of work. And as you expand your portfolio, you can build a sustainable business in a market that is in flux. SmartB is changing the nature of work. More people will have the opportunity to become a bit more entrepreneurial, selling their services to an expanding marketplace rather than a single employer. Entrepreneurship is all about creating value and a division of labour. And SmartB is empowering people to make the leap to become proficient wealth creators.