Project Description

Locksmith Case Study

Locksmiths offer residential, industrial and commercial services, specialising in a range of master key systems and home and office security systems. Many locksmiths spend years trying to build up their business and may be low in finances due to the cost of owning and operating one. When you must pay rent week after week, it’s important to have a reliable source of customers and a steady flow of jobs coming in. Without a large customer base, it’s understandable that your stress levels will be high, and this can negatively impact your personal and family life.

Here is how SmartB can help service providers like you meet your goals and deliver your services directly to customers in your local area.

If you are struggling to find steady work to do, joining SmartB will help you find new direction and confidence. SmartB gives you guaranteed work by connecting you with new customers near you. You don’t need to be a veteran locksmith to reap the rewards of adding your business to SmartB. You can begin seeing an increase in work, customers and revenue from the moment you sign up your business.

Many tradespeople who have only just become locksmiths may know little about how to run a business. You might not know where to start or how to expand. SmartB removes the need to learn fundamentals such as monitoring your marketing, where and how to advertise, management of cash flow, understanding conversion rate optimisation, developing a business website and setting up sales targets and managing new customers. SmartB will do all the marketing for you, so you can save your costs without sacrificing customer reach. We have all the tools you need to meet your business goals.

Signing up your business to SmartB will increase the number of jobs you complete each week, helping you increase your revenue considerably within a few months. Working with us will minimise your business operating costs and give you more opportunities to work the way you want. You can take a well-deserved overseas trip and rest easy knowing that you’ll have customers waiting for you when you get back.