Project Description

House Cleaner Case Study

House cleaners recognise the importance of offering honest and trustworthy services. Customers want to know that they can trust you to deliver the best cleaning results possible. They also want to be able to trust you to be in their property, even when they aren’t home. But how does a house cleaner establish this trust?

House cleaners offer services such as one-off residential cleaning, recurring cleaning services, moving in/moving out cleaning and commercial cleaning. As a professional house cleaning service provider, you want to find customers who will keep coming back to you for your services. To build this loyalty, SmartB will help you get your business out there and generate a community around it.

Many cleaners spend a significant amount and a large sum of their budget on digital marketing. And yet, these marketing initiatives don’t always generate fruitful leads or drive better business results. Some marketing tools also make it challenging to evaluate what marketing strategies lead to the best return on interest. As well, some cleaners may create a website that appears to be somewhat of an afterthought. They may not highlight the cleaner’s business effectively or follow the rules of search engine optimisation. Basically, service providers are spending a lot on marketing with little return for their efforts.

Join SmartB to completely refresh your business strategy. SmartB will create a webpage that will act as the face of your business and help nurture your credibility. Your SmartB listing will become the foundation of your success, helping you get new leads every minute, and enhancing your long-term perception and standing. We’ll make sure customers know that you are a reliable, skilled and accredited service provider. This way, you can start allocating your budget to important equipment and materials, rather than online advertising and infrastructure. You can minimise your marketing spend without worrying about missing out on work.

Within a few short months, house cleaners can expect to receive positive feedback from customers, an increase in leads and exciting growth. We’re giving you the chance to do what you do best while turning your cleaning services into a successful business.