Project Description

Hairdresser Case Study

When you have just recently become a hairdresser, it’s easy to struggle to stand out in the loyalty-based, competitive beauty industry. Marketing can be the key to your success, but you may not have the funds needed for advertising. As a new hairdresser, you may be relatively unknown in your area, so you need a way to get noticed and establish your business as a go-to destination in your community.

Many hairdressers offer services such as hairstyling, hair washing, dyeing and foils, and may even offer additional services such as makeup, skincare and facial massage. To help your customers know what services they can get from you, it’s important that you have an online page they can reference. Working with SmartB will help you establish an online presence and connect you with customers searching for your hairdressing services.

Before starting with SmartB, you might have paid someone to build a website for you. But it’s difficult to get traffic to your website without any knowledge of how to rank on Google or advertise on social media. Putting up posters about your hairdressing services is a cheap and easy alternative, but you might struggle to reach new customers.

SmartB makes it easy for you to find new customers in your local area. We’ll connect you with those who are looking for the hairdressing services you offer and make it easy for you to set up appointments. You can easily chat with your customers to remind them of their appointment and help minimise no-shows and last-minute cancellations. As a hairdresser, you need to build a community around your business, so customers are regularly returning and referring their friends. SmartB has a rating system that enables your customers to share their experience with other potential customers. The better your rating, the more trust and reputation you will have in the community, and the greater your business will be.

With SmartB, you can begin growing your business from day one. Get your name out there without needing to do any marketing or networking yourself. We have everything you need to set up a successful hairdressing business and start building a reputation for yourself.