Project Description

Copywriter Case Study

Freelancing gives copywriters the freedom to choose what work they do and decide their own hours of business and location. When you work as a freelance copywriter, it can be difficult to find work and show clients that you can deliver quality copywriting services. Often, copywriters will need to turn to digital marketing and advertising to help them find new clients. Even if your marketing is effective, clients may not trust you to do the work they require. To grow your business and become a successful copywriter, you need to establish a client base and have a steady flow of work coming in.

Copywriters offer services such as brand strategy and planning, content writing, social media strategy, advertising campaigns, marketing collateral and digital copywriting. Joining SmartB will enable you to spread word about your copywriting and connect with those looking for your specific services. You have the power to do the work you want and select from a range of different projects on offer.

To run a successful copywriting business, professionals need to develop an online portfolio showcasing their best projects. Freelance copywriters need to constantly search for work. One way to do that is by attending networking events and reaching out to big players in the industry. Another method is setting up social media advertisements, seeding ideas to online forums and using relevant hashtags. Starting up takes a lot of time and effort. If you aren’t proactive enough, and aren’t willing to advertise yourself, it can be difficult to find a grounding in the industry.

SmartB is making it easier to reach new clients and get consistent work without the hassle of marketing yourself. We give you a dedicated page on our site, so you no longer need to build your own website and portfolio. Instead of using marketing to send out links to your website, SmartB can instantly connect you with people in your local area who need copywriting services.

Signing up to SmartB is what you need to do to launch a successful freelance copywriting career. Work at your own pace, have complete control over your rates and only do the type of work you enjoy.