Becoming a SmartB hairdresser is a great alternative to working at a hair salon. You get the freedom to choose your business hours and work whenever you see fit. But it also requires commitment, dedication and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The biggest benefit of offering hairdressing services through SmartB is that you can offer more convenience and special attention to your clients. You can see clients outside regular business hours and choose where you work. You can concentrate on a single client rather than running around the salon, attending to multiple clients at once.

With these benefits come many responsibilities. Here are some of the main aspects involved.

Becoming a SmartB Hairdresser


As a SmartB hairdresser, it is vital that you have a means of getting to your clients. Stock up on quality hairdressing supplies and make sure you have a reliable car (or alterative transport). By storing your supplies and equipment in your car, you’ll always be ready for any job that comes up.


SmartB is unique in that we will market your hairdressing business for you. We’ll create a webpage for your business that is optimised for search engines. That way, you don’t need to spend time advertising yourself on social media, attending networking events in your local area or talking to as many members of your community as possible.

Keeping organised

You’ll need to make sure you are organised and keep your phone close to you. If you’re open for business on SmartB, it’s important that you respond to client enquiries as quickly as you can. The SmartB will help you with the rest, such as managing appointments and sending out invoices.

Training and qualification

To be a SmartB hairdresser in Australia, you need to hold a Certificate III in Hairdressing. This is a 40-week course that will teach you the theoretical and practical skills required to cut, style and colour hair. It can also be a good idea to improve your skills and build experience by working in a salon for some time before going into mobile hairdressing.

If you’re considering using SmartB to provide local hairdressing services, learn more about what is involved by visiting our SmartB Hairdressing Service Provider page.