About SmartB

Who is SmartB?

SmartB aims to empower service providers with a better way to business, while giving customers a smarter way to find accredited services they can trust. We aim to disrupt the way businesses and consumers connect, by using technology to create a seamless experience for everyone. You can trust us to help you connect with real businesses and customers.

Do you struggle to find quality services near you? Many people are unsure of where to look when they need to hire a professional tradesperson. SmartB connects you with trusted tradies and service professionals, making the process of finding a tradie a whole lot easier. We build online profiles of service providers, allowing you to review the tradie’s experience, skillset, licenses, services and past jobs. SmartB tells you everything you need to know before you request a quote and start a new job.

Are you looking to grow your business? Work with SmartB. We help customers feel more confident about hiring a tradie by enhancing your online profile, giving customers rich information about your trades and services. Customers want to know that they can trust you to meet their needs. That’s why we allow customers to rate your services and view your history of work. By offering more examples of your expertise and reliability, you can generate more interest from prospective customers and get your business moving.

Who does SmartB help?

Find tradies, get customers, schedule work, send invoices and more – all from the convenience of your palm. The SmartB app offers service providers and seekers with a smarter and more efficient way to do business. Before SmartB, users had to rely on the limited and often outdated information they can gain from business directories, pamphlets and newspapers. Now, users can connect, hire, review, schedule and pay tradies straight in the app. With a wide range of job related services available and real time information about tradies and services, getting errands done is like taking a holiday.

To make your experience as seamless and convenient as possible, SmartB offers two different apps: one for service providers and another for service seekers.

About SmartB Service Providers

Service providers can sign up to SmartB right in our app. Upload your relevant documents and information. We’ll then review your signup and verify your services, so customers know you’re someone they can trust. You can then select from the many different jobs available in your area.  Send quotes, invoices and communicate with your customers right in the app. SmartB helps with job related services, and SmartB allows you to choose when you want to work, what jobs you want to do and where you want to do them. There’s no need to set up your own shop – all you need is your equipment and the SmartB app conveniently in your phone.

Service Seekers

Whether you have a big job or a small one, service seekers can find verified businesses for any trade. You have the power to choose the best services and offers for you. Get the work done when you want it, how you want it and where you want it. Use the SmartB app to find the right service provider for your job, by reviewing their experience, skills and the types of services they offer. Chat privately with tradies near you and schedule a job that works with your calendar. Once the task is done, you can make a fast and secure your online tradie payment through app. With SmartB, you have all the jobs related services features you need right in the convenience of your palm.